About Us

Dream kids believe that learning is the process which takes place throughout our lives, culminating into a lifelong pursuance of knowledge and wisdom. The early years of childhood are formative & wonderful years and therefore crucial for their development.

Dream Kids is Chennai based Montessori Play School who mainly focus on child development, using highly researched and scientifically designed activity based learning method. We follow the system where every child gets to learn without being made to feel he/she is being taught. Here we implement 3S (Self Learning, Satisfaction and Safety) method for kids to learn everything themselves and individually. We offer play group, nursery and Kindergarten level of the early childhood learning programs with the highest priority given to the right cultural and social values, care, love and protection during the essential learning process of the tender growing up years. We also have Day Care & After School

Maria Montessori, often considered the first female physician in Italy, innovated the Montessori approach to education. The Montessori Method concentrates on the specific developmental needs of the child. Montessori believed that everyone learns differently, and at their own pace. She created a new type of classroom, a prepared environment, to accommodate and stimulate the individual interests of her students. The Montessori Method has successfully been in existence for over a century.

We have well equipped Lab with more than 30nos Montessori equipments which helps, tiny tots to develop their psycho-motor skills where children can imagine, identify & develop their concentration. They are taught by trained teachers to identify colours, materials and also concepts of shape & size.

To respect to the happiness and feeling of the children, we developed indoor and outdoor play stations with full of smooth edged highly durable playing equipments which brings back the trill and enjoyment for the kids.

Why Dream Kids

  • Our programme are specially designed for Childs from Infant to Age 10years Child
  • Montessori method education approach
  • We have well equipped Lab with more than 30nos Montessori equipments
  • Indoor and outdoor environment designed expressly for infants and toddlers (12 months to 4 years).
  • Well Trained Teachers & staffs
  • Zero restrictive infant equipment, allowing children to move and develop naturally without artificial aid.
  • Thoughtfully chosen open-ended materials, books, and wooden toys to encourage scaffolded learning.
  • Primary caregiver with a 1:10 ratio
  • Support for breastfeeding mothers, complimentary organic infant formula provided upon request.